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Diversity Meets Talent

IGNIWA is a global staffing leader dedicated to diversity and inclusion, enriching your team with diverse skills and perspectives.

What Sets IGNIWA Apart:

  1. Strong Diversity Focus: We foster diverse workspaces, enhancing your team's abilities.
  2. Global Reach: Our vast international network finds ideal matches for your organization, regardless of location.
  3. The IGNIWA Guarantee: We strategically enrich your team, unlocking untapped potential and expertise.
  4. Cost-Effective Growth Solutions: We provide competitive models to support your organization's expansion.
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IGNIWA: Your Go-To Source for All-Industry
Talent Solutions.

While we excel at matching qualified candidates with open positions across various industries and functions, these are the areas where our staffing agency truly stands out.

Our Staffing Process


Ready to get started

Simply submit the form with your job description, and we'll take it from there


Hiring Evangelist

After submitting your request, our Hiring Evangelist will schedule a meeting within the next business day and dive deep into your unique requirements.


Sorting and Reviewing Talent

Following your discussion with our Hiring Evangelist, we'll present you with pre-screened candidates who precisely match your requirements.


Interview & Onboarding

We'll arrange and facilitate interviews, aid in extending offers, and provide candidate support to ensure a smooth transition and alignment with your company's culture for the chosen candidates.

Whatever You Need...
We’ve Got you

Short-Term Contracts

IGNIWA goes beyond resumes to find candidates who truly fit your work culture, ensuring quality placements regardless of the engagement length.

Long - Terms Contracts

IGNIWA prioritizes finding candidates with the right skill set, work ethic, and cultural fit. Our meticulous vetting process ensures that we deliver professionals who will integrate smoothly into your team and contribute effectively over the long haul.

Permanent Hire

IGNIWA goes beyond the job description to find candidates who truly resonate with your company's culture and vision. From entry-level to executive roles, we take pride in finding the perfect fit for your team.

We Embrace Our Team as Family

From joining our in-house ranks to collaborating as a consultant, you are not just a part of the team; you are family. We wholeheartedly believe in your boundless potential and are passionately committed to helping you conquer your loftiest dreams. Our unwavering support is relentless, and we wll be by your side until you reach the pinnacle of your aspirations.

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IGNIWA is committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensures that your personal information is used solely for the purpose of providing staffing and recruitment services, in compliance with all relevant data protection regulations as per Igniwa privacy policy.